Whether you are planning to fly, drive cross country or just head down the road, thinking a few steps ahead could mean all the difference when adding up your totals for the day. I’m not talking about miles—proteins, carbs, & calories are the numbers I want you to think about.

You’re right, the meals & snacks that we eat while on vacation are not always the typical foods that we prepare when we are home. But with a little planning, you will be able to make choices that fit with your nutritional needs. There is no good reason to sabotage your hard-earned weight loss success.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner may be the easy part. Restaurant chains with more than 20 locations should have their nutritional information online allowing you to decide what works for you even before you pick up the menu. But what about between meals? Those morning and afternoon snacks help keep us from getting overly hungry and provide for more stable blood sugar—this should prevent you (or anyone in your party) from turning into that grumpy & unhappy camper!

Ask if your accommodations will include a refrigerator as well as information about the nearest grocery store.

A few great options for you to include:

  • 100 calorie packets of almonds
  • Individual sticks of beef jerky
  • Cheese sticks (safe for a few hours)
  • Greek yogurt (also safe for a few hours)

Modify if needed!

Our nutrition store is filled with a great variety of snack items that are easy to pack and don’t need refrigeration. (I use the little space left when they are gone to bring back a few souvenirs from my trip!)

Ife Ojugbeli, MD, MBA.