The Fix Diet

The FIX Diet is a weight loss book intended to show the reader how to lose weight and keep it off.

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Four Fixes

every struggling dieter needs to break the diet trap

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What is KUDOS?

Kudos is a medically supervised weight loss and LIFE-style program focused on up-lifting your whole life’s experience.   Our unique process is both effective and very engaging. Ours is a true LIFE-style program that stands for something.  Our LIFE-style program will teach you how to enhance your Longevity, Income, Family and Emotional mastery.  This is because we believe that for you to be truly healthy, you need to have control of all four critical aspects of your life.  We provide you the tools and a clear process to effectively lose weight for the long term, reclaim your health and transform your life.  Kudos will teach you how to make sustainable lifestyle changes and provide the motivation to propel you to real transformation.  You will be totally understood, connected and supported by an inspiring community of people who are dedicated to your success.

Our Mission

To combat obesity and help our clients live healthy, vibrant lives.

Stuck in a diet trap? Stressed or overwhelmed?
Weight Loss Program
Kudos weight loss program is a medically supervised weight loss program.
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and what they say

Happy Patients

When I first started this, I didn’t take this very seriously,everything that I have ever tried in the past failed, I was at the point in my life where the only solution to my weight problem was to die, that was when I met Dr. Ojugbeli, I never met anybody with such a positive attitude…

Shelley LaChapelle

Dr. Ojugbeli is a very supportive coach that always searches out the best methods to support his weight loss patients. The counseling he has given me has helped my mind, body, and soul since starting his programs. Ask him how he can help you. You’ll be glad you did.

Anthony Armstrong

 I grew up in a household where food was not only an addiction, but a “Go To”, a huge part of everyday  life, emphasizing on Holidays and any other reason to celebrate! If you were sad, you sat down with a cookie, bowl of ice cream, or some sort of sweet treat… If you passed the…

Kellie Nadeau