Three Weight Loss Methods to Choose From

Three Fantastic Ways to Lose Weight on Your Own Terms

KUDOS Medical Weight Loss Center

Click here to learn more about our unique Medical Weight Loss Center. We specialize in helping you identify and overcome your biggest obstacles to weight loss – whether it be your food choices, lifestyle choices, behaviors or even medical barriers to weight loss. Our onsite physician is able to diagnose any potential medical problems which may be standing in the way of your weight loss success.

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KUDOS Online Weight Loss Program

Do you want to learn at your own pace? Not close in proximity to our Syracuse, NY office? We’ve created an affordable and effective online weight loss program for you to follow along! We will include the KUDOS Lifebook – a companion book to help you walk through the 12 video sessions and journal your progress. When you become a member, you’ll gain access for one full year and we’ll even include twelve weeks of coaching!

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KUDOS Weight Loss Coaching

Get momentum, keep momentum and attain your weight loss goals time and time again! With the KUDOS Weight Loss Coaching program, you’ll work through your goals, strategies and outcomes with detail. Meeting regularly with your coach will help you map out solutions to your biggest weight loss challenges and keep you accountable to staying on track with your progress and habit development. Click here to learn more!

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