Lose the weight and keep it off for life!

Set a Goal and Reach It with Medical Supervision

The Desired Weight Program is a moderate weight loss program based on creating:


    • A meal plan that is right for you, with medical assistance with identifying and eliminating food sensitivities.
    • Barrier breakthroughs, which means we will help uncover obvious and sometimes-hidden barriers to your weight loss progress.
    • Medically Supervised Progress, complete with a comprehensive medical evaluation which can uncover and treat any medical conditions preventing weight loss.
    • Accountability through working with a personal KUDOS Coach to help guide you through a lifestyle transformation that supports long-term weight loss and a maintainable healthy lifestyle.
    • Maintenance of progress through long-term support complete with follow-up medical examinations, and coaching. “Check-In” so you don’t “Check-Out” of your progress!

Develop a Structured Meal Plan and Lifestyle Change

The Turning Point Program is a more intensive weight loss program appropriate for people with over 30 pounds of excess body fat, a BMI of 35 or greater, and those with obesity-related health problems. This program offers:


    • All the benefits of the Desired Weight Program.
    • A more structured and regulated meal plan which combines regular foods with the appropriate meal replacements.
    • Regular medical and coaching consultations which account for medical barriers, direct medical observance of physical health metrics and increased attention to habits, plans and activities related to your progress.
    • A weight loss target of 2 to 3 pounds of fat loss per week, managed in a sustainable and ongoing process.

Learn at Your Own Pace with Video Tutorials

The KUDOS Online Program allows you to learn at your own pace and includes the following features and benefits:


    • Start with the KUDOS “Desired Life Script” absolutely free, and design the life you want in advance!
    • Gain access to All 12 KUDOS Weight Loss Video Tutorial Sessions for one year.
    • Receive a copy of The FIX Diet by Dr. Ojugbeli, shipped to your door.
    • Get the KUDOS Lifebook – a workbook designed to help you follow through with all 12 of the online video sessions and find success in your weight loss journey!
    • Daily instructions for establishing healthy habits that will propel you towards weight loss success.
    • Weekly journal reviews and feedback via email with a KUDOS Weight Loss Coach.
    • Examples of health meal plans in the form of a sample menu.
    • Sample recipes to help you replace some of your favorite meals with healthier alternatives.



Reach Your Maximum Potential with Coaching!

This program includes all the benefits of the KUDOS Online Weightloss Program, with the added benefit of a Personal KUDOS Coach:


    • The 12-Session KUDOS Online Weight Loss Program with weekly coaching over 12 weeks.
    • The Fix Diet book shipped to your door.
    • The KUDOS Lifebook.
    • Daily Instructions.
    • Weekly Food Journal Review with your KUDOS Coach.
    • Weekly progress feedback with your KUDOS Coach.
    • Bi-Weekly Coaching Call from your KUDOS Coach via phone or video chat session.
    • Sample Menus & Recipes
    • Extend your weight loss success with ongoing coaching packages available after the 12-week program.
    • Solidify your success after the 12 week program with a weekly check-in and monthly coaching session.