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Get Attentive, Medically-Assisted Care for Your Weight Loss Goals

Kudos is a medically supervised weight loss program.  We use safe and effective evidence-based solutions to help our clients lose weight and keep it off for life. 

Our staff is a team of highly trained professionals who are on the leading edge of medical weight loss field.  We understand that losing weight and keeping it off goes beyond will-power. If you are struggling to lose weight, the time for “Shame and Blame” is over.  

We want to help you uncover your individual barriers and create a plan that works for you. Kudos is different because we are Friendly and treat you with Empathy and Compassion.  We are strong advocates for our clients and love to revel in your success.

In the sections below, you’ll find the breakdown of how you’ll experience your guided journey through weight loss success. Our Medical Weight Loss Program is divided into three phases:

In-Office Evaluations + Telehealth

1 – Evaluation Phase

The Evaluation Phase of our KUDOS Medical Weight Loss Program is intended to identify where you stand with your overall health. We’ll introduce some new concepts and help you understand the measurements we use to keep track of your progress and design your personal plan towards weight loss success! Here are the benefits and features of our Evaluation Phase:

  • Comprehensive health and diet history and medical evaluation. This allows us to uncover your unique obstacles including any undiagnosed medical barriers.
  • Body composition analysis. The scale does not always tell the whole story.  The body composition analysis gives useful information that goes beyond the number on the scale that helps to design a plan that is unique.
  • Measurement of your Resting Metabolic Rate. This information helps to determine appropriate calorie goals that would support weight loss.
  • Personal plan that includes: Nutrition, Activity, Habits and Medications when appropriate.
  • Free Kudos Weight Loss App. Our app is more than a device for logging calories.  It is a bridge between you and a trained personal guide to help you lose weight and keep it off.

In-Office Visits + Telehealth

2 – Restoration Phase

During this phase we help you implement your individual plan.  But that is not all, we provide the right education based on research about what it takes to lose weight and keep it off.  We also provide intensive coaching support to help you adopt the habits necessary for long terms success.  When appropriate our providers will prescribe safe and effective medications to boost your weight loss and treat any coexisting medical problems.  This phase is a minimum of 12 weeks. During this phase, you will have:

    • Monthly (more frequent if necessary) provider visits.
    • Twice a month coaches call or video visits to guide you through your lifestyle transformation.
    • 12 weekly short educational tutorials.

    Our goal is for you to lose meaningful weight while gaining new insight about weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

    In-Office Visits + Telehealth

    3 – Maintenance Phase

    Once you have achieved meaningful weight loss, it is important to continue to be vigilant to avoid plateau or relapse.  The maintenance phase provides ongoing treatment and support.  During the maintenance phase you will gain the benefit of:

    • Provider’s visits every 1 to 3 months as needed
    • Coaching calls as needed to help deal with plateaus and relapse
    • On-going support from the Kudos team

    Our entire team is a supportive family, and we hope to help you lose weight and keep off so you can enjoy your friends and family. It will be an honor to serve you.

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