Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy friends, family, and lots of good food. From the turkey, stuffing, mashed potato to the pies, it can be quite a feast. This makes it a very difficult time to stay on track with respect to healthy lifestyle. But just because it is Thanksgiving does not mean you should give up on your weight loss goals. It is still possible to have a satisfying Thanksgiving celebration without feeling like a stuffed turkey.

Here are some tips to help you survive the Thanksgiving festivities:

1. Focus more on fun and less on food. Plan some fun activities to enjoy with your friends and family

2. Place more emphasis on socializing with your company. Show genuine interest in what is going on in their lives. Ask how they are doing and actively listen to better understand them. Your attention might just be the best gift you can give them during the holidays.

3. Grill your food. Try grilling turkey breast instead of a whole turkey

4. Serve fresh salads and or roasted vegetables at the table

5. Consider serving fresh fruit for a healthier desert option

6. Makeover traditional recipes by using half the usual amount of sugar and butter

7. Limit or avoid alcohol

8. Use whole grain bread instead of white rolls

9. Homemade cranberry sauce instead of canned cranberry sauce

10. Eat mindfully. Take time to savor your meals and stop when you feel satisfied

Get creative and see how many other healthy swaps you can make. Remember that your waistline does not care that it is Thanksgiving. If you overindulge, you will bulge.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Ife Ojugbeli, MD, MBA.