Have you ever heard an older person tell you, hey, do not get old? Really, what they are wishing you is not to age. Of course, we all want to get old, but what is the alternative to die young? What you want to avoid though is to age. And you cannot do anything by getting old; that is a function of time. No matter what you do, time is going to continue to tick. You can help the process of aging, how well you age, a lot of that is within your control. So here are a few things you can do to help you get old without necessarily aging.

One thing is to have a purpose. You need a compelling purpose to wake up in the morning, get excited to get up and do things. Now, it can be anything at all that you’re passionate about. You can make a contribution to improve the love of the universe that will keep you driving and keep you youthful. You could be like Clint Eastwood who at ninety-one is still directing movies.

The second thing you want to do is maintain a healthy weight. You know, give up sugars, try to eat whole natural foods and keep your weight down. That will give you the energy and vitality to pursue life with youthful vigor.

Number three is to stay active. Now, activity and exercise are really the true youth elixir. If you can find something fun to do and stay active, you will find that you get old without necessarily aging.

Number four is to rest and rejuvenate. From time to time, after putting in a good day’s hard work, we try to get enough sleep to rest and rejuvenate.

I think number five is equally important which is never stop learning. You know, find something exciting and something to be curious about especially new things that will give you the childhood curiosity. This will keep you feeling younger and youthful.

If you try these five things, I think you will be able to get older without aging at the same pace and then you will be able to tell people do not age. It is okay to get old, but you do not necessarily want to age at the same pace.