You can lose twice as much weight on meal replacement plan as you can on regular store-bought food. That is what studies have shown. If you put two people on say 1,200 calories or 1,500 calories. One person does some regular meals that you buy at the grocery store and maybe replaces one or two meals with a proper meal replacement product. That person is likely to lose twice as much weight as a person who even though is eating the same amount of calories is only eating grocery store items.

The reason for that is relatively simple. One, meal replacements tend to simplify your meal planning. You don’t have to worry about where is breakfast coming from, lunch coming from, dinner coming from, it’s already there and it’s simple. Two is that they have balanced macronutrient composition. What do I mean by that? The carbs, protein and fat content is intended to replicate a complete meal.

Now the proper meal replacement products should also have vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. But they also give you structure, and they actually make you stay full longer. They are palatable and great tasting. For all of these reasons, I’ve actually come to start to believe and recommend meal replacement as I also practice it myself. Replace one or two meals a day and before you know it, you find that you’re less hungry, you’re not craving as much and planning your meals are just simpler and it’s so much easier to stay on your program. You end up losing twice as much weight as if you would if you were just going to the grocery store to buy your items.

All meal replacement products are not the same. A lot of the products you’re going to buy over the counter may have too much sugar and may not have the right amount of vitamins and minerals. So, if you’re looking for great tasting products that gives complete nutrition, I recommend you go to, shop there and you won’t regret it. Surprisingly, you will find that it is very cost effective. I hope you find this useful. If you do, please share it with your friends. We would love to hear from you! We want to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


Dr. Ojugbeli MD, MBA, Dipl. ABOM