KUDOS Medical Weight Loss Coaching – Coming Soon!


We want to create a program that is really focused on getting the results you want. That’s why we’re in the process of building and training a licensed medical weight loss coaching team!

Accountability is a huge part of changing your habits for a lifetime of health. With KUDOS Coaching, you’ll have regular check-ins and appointments with your coach to keep you on track towards your weight loss goal.

Check back soon for more information!

In the meantime – join the KUDOS Weight Loss Program and get started on your Weight Loss Journey!


The KUDOS Weight Loss Program consists of 12 episodes released over 12 weeks, with an easy-to-follow workbook that comes with each session. Every week you’ll perform your Daily Mental Training, master the information in each session, and start keeping a daily journal of your food intake and emotions so you can start to really master the way you eat and the way you feel – then your desired weight will follow!