About Kudos Weight Loss

Kudos Weight Loss
Kudos is a medically supervised weight loss program.  We use safe and effective evidence-based solutions to help our clients lose weight and keep it off for life.

Our staff is a team of highly trained professionals who are on the leading edge of medical weight loss field.  We understand that losing weight and keeping it off goes beyond will-power. If you are struggling to lose weight, the time for “Shame and Blame” is over.

We want to help you uncover your individual barriers and create a plan that works for you. Kudos is different because we are Friendly and treat you with Empathy and Compassion.  We are strong advocates for our clients and love to revel in your success.

In the sections below, you’ll find the breakdown of how you’ll experience your guided journey through weight loss success. Our Medical Weight Loss Program is divided into three phases.

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