If you are trying to lose weight just know that you are not alone. Long term weight loss is quite difficult for most dieters. It is not a matter of if you gain back the weight but when. The back and forth weight gain and weight loss is not healthy for your body and can actually be quite dangerous. To succeed in long term weight loss you need a good strategy that is sustainable. 

You will need a certain level of control to make your diet work. Life happens, we all know that random things pop up that you were not expecting. The biggest thing is do not give up! Learn how to control your environment and your day to help you succeed. 

Now when we talk about your environment we mean everywhere, your home and work space. You need to take the temptation out. Get rid of the junk and high sugar foods. Make sure your kitchen has healthy foods so you make those healthy choices. 

If you’re not planning your meals, you’re planning to fail!

Plan your day out, think of your meals ahead of time so you aren’t stopping by a fastfood place on your way home. Once you plan out your meals you can plan out when you are going to exercise. If you eat healthy and exercise often it will greatly improve your chances of losing weight. If you put structure into your day you will see positive outcomes in your life. Structure will give you a great framework to schedule out your life and how your diet will fit into it. You will also have less mindless eating: you know precisely when and what you will be eating later on. 

Sometimes you do not realize what you are actually putting in your body. Do you know how much sugar is in your morning cup of coffee? If you keep a food dairy for one week and write down everything you consume: you might be shocked at what you find. The real questions that you need to start thinking about is how much protein do you need? How many calories do you need to lose weight? How much sugar is okay?  

A huge part of this journey is to make sure people hold you accountable. You could have a partner, healthcare provider, weight loss coach, a friend or a family member to keep you on track. When you start to give in because you are hungry they will be there to remind you of your goal. Your body does not want you to lose weight so you will begin to obsess about food and feeling hungrier than usual. To help counteract that you can try high fiber foods, use supplements or prescription medication. 

If at first you don’t succeed, just hop back on it and make it a lifestyle instead of a chore

This is a journey you are on so enjoy it! Be happy with the little victories and focus on how well you are feeling. Set daily process goals and make sure to ask for help when it gets tough. Here at Kudos we will help you prevail when diets fail.