If you have the right motivation, you can do just about anything. You literally can move mountains but to have the right motivation for weight loss, you have to have a permanent mindset shift. You have to look at weight loss as a life-saving intervention.

Imagine patients on dialysis. They have to got to the dialysis center three times a week, every single week. It doesn’t matter whether it’s snows, whether there’s vacation or people are sick. It doesn’t matter. It just simply does not matter what’s going on in their life. They have to make it to the dialysis center. Why? Because it is a life-saving procedure.

But you see, losing weight and maintaining a healthier weight is actually just as important if no more because if you’re significantly overweight, you put your entire health in danger. It’s not just your kidneys, it’s your heart, it’s your brain, it’s your mind, it’s your joints. It’s cancerous and every single is in danger. So, trying to get your weight under control is not just a matter of looking nice or feeling great, it’s about your health and if you start to see it that way, the dialysis patient does not make excuses. Therefore, you should stop making excuses about what you need to do.

I do understand it’s a difficult thing. That is why you have to give your best shot, have a permanent mindset shift, and get the help you need. We at Kudos stand ready to provide you exactly that help. The kind of help that will lead to permanent change. So if you’re interested, if you have questions, please check us out.