One is it simplifies things. One of the challenges you face when trying to lose weight is trying to make decisions of what to eat from day to day. This is called decision fatigue and after a while, several weeks or months, you get tired of making the same decision. So, if you just simply replace breakfast or lunch or two meals a day with meal replacements, the decision becomes simpler. For instance, you could decide to have a protein shake and a piece of fruit for breakfast which makes things simple. All you have to worry about would be what to eat for lunch and dinner. It’s even easier if you could do two meals a day for a period of time.

The second thing meal replacements do for you is that your meals are portion controlled. You don’t have to weigh or measure anything or wonder if you’re overeating. With meal replacement, you’re going to get the right portioned meals and you’re going to get the complete nutrition you need without exceeding your calorie goals.

The third point is that it’s calorie control. You are likely to stick within your calorie recommendation so you can lose weight if you use meal replacement. In fact, studies have shown that using meal replacement can double your weight loss because your calories are better controlled.

Number four is that you get increased protein, high protein. Most of the meal replacement products are high in protein and higher protein has been shown to help you lose weight. Also higher protein preserves your lean body mass, you know, your muscles, your tissues and organs which are the metabolic active tissues.

Number five is it’s cost effective. A protein bar or a meal replacement bar such as what you get with Kudos will probably cost you about $2 or less compared to a regular meal which is usually much higher than that. So, you can have cost savings by using meal replacement.

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