What is kudos

What is kudos

Kudos is a medically supervised weight loss and LIFEstyle program focused on up-lifting your whole life’s experience.   Our unique process is both effective and very engaging.  Ours is a true LIFE-style program that stands for something.  Our LIFE-style program will teach you how to enhance your Longevity, Income, Family and Emotional mastery.  This is because we believe that for you to be truly healthy, you need to have control of all four critical aspects of your life.  We provide you the tools and a clear process to effectively lose weight for the long term, reclaim your health and transform your life.  Kudos will teach you how to make sustainable lifestyle changes and provide the motivation to propel you to real transformation.  You will be totally understood, connected and supported by an inspiring community of people who are dedicated to your success.


If you are ready to live a truly amazing life of optimal health and vitality, Kudos is for you. Join today.

Thorough Testing

When it comes to overweight problems, there might actually be a multitude of different health issues that trigger it. We make sure to diagnose them all by doing a set of thorough testing…

Fast-paced Treatment

Out of all other state’s weight loss clinics, we’ve got the widest array of non-surgical and fitness-enhanced solutions, on par with the most diverse choice of Dieting Programs for our patients.

Surgical Solutions

While surgical weight loss solution should always be your last option, still it helps thousands of people each year. Contact us to see if you fit the criteria for this weight loss procedure…

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

Joyce Meyer